About My Start

I fell in love with the concept of making movies in a middle school videogaphy class. It wasn’t long before I was fiddling with every piece of technology in the studio. For high school I had the opportunity to hone in my craft in a performing arts school environment. I majored in Film and Television and minored in Information Technology. I currently attend the Savannah College of Art and Design for Film and Television with a minor in Arts and Entertainment Management. Throughout my pursuit of film I spent a lot of time with technology and working with camera. However, my time at SCAD allowed me to explore the field of producing and I have found my niche. Working as part of a team and handling logistics is something that I have learned to love. I am excited to pursue a career in production and work toward becoming a producer. More information can be found about each of my disciplines below.

  • Producing 90%
  • Camera Assisting 80%
  • Stereography 75%

The Official Documents

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Production Resume



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The perfect blend of leadership, creativity and and business.


From script to screen the producing process is an extremely time consuming one that involves a vast array of skills. I find the challenges presented from producing to be fun to overcome. I am certainly a Type A personality and producing allows me to follow my natural leadership habits by interacting with all departments to create a true work of art. I have taken a special interest in Line Producing with the tasks of creating budgets, establishing bank accounts and overseeing expenses throughout the duration of the production. Going to art school was a big decision and my minor in Arts and Entertainment Management provides me with the business fundamentals necessary to effectively work in production.


Stereoscopic Production

Yes, thats right, 3D… glasses and all.


The mechanics in the illusion of stereoscopic filmmaking fascinate me. Its sophomore year, I’m producing a senior film thats wants to shoot in 3D, but no one can take the class. I figured I have an elective, why not take it? Almost two years later I have just completed my seventh stereoscopic project and am pursuing it as my senior focus. It is a field that is extremely small and comes with many prejudices. I can’t tell you how many times a week I get into a discussion with someone who hates 3D, but it hasn’t stopped me one bit. I work with the Genus Hurricane Rig and Transvideo monitor system to achieve stereoscopic images. I believe that specialization is a big part what sets someone apart and the small field of stereoscopic film making invigorates me.


Camera Assisting

How I came to love being a part of the nucleus of the set.


Being a part of camera team has given me many opportunities to excel in an environment that is both challenging and rewarding. Without the camera department there is no movie. It is a neat feeling to be a such an important part of the set. I have never had an aspiration to DP and am completely content working as a First and Second Assistant Camera. The bond formed in the department is a strong one and the talented men and women who make up the team are generally knowledgeable, fun people to work with. There isn’t a place I’d rather be on the set then next to the camera.

Set Life Until The Next Life.

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