By My Hand

The story of Drew Sheridan, an ex-marine turned underground boxer who can’t seem to hold onto what he loves the most.



By My Hand is a senior project produced by Christian Vermazin for the Savannah College of Art and Design. By My Hand challenged my Camera Assisting skills in unique ways for a student film. The production included underwater photography in a dive locker, handheld stabilization with a Movi and RED Epic and more remote pulling with a Redrock Micro Remote. At the start of the shoot I worked as a second assistant camera and with Movi shots took over as Focus Puller while the other assistant maintained the Movi and operated the remote head. For the underwater photography we utilized a RED MX with a Hydroflex Red One Housing. Tucker and another dive certified student operated the underwater shots while I worked to assist with above water communication, slating, lens changes, media management and battery changes. The evening was a lot of fun and a big learning curve in the time it takes to perform underwater photography. We battled short battery life and heat as the RED MX abused the elements.

While this show was my first experience with the Movi I am certain it will not be my last. I find the rig to be extremely fit for intermediate levels of film making but can easily see shortcomings in the professional world. Our biggest problem to deal with was the amount of weight that was required to properly run the Epic and all of it’s peripherals. With RED Volts lasting just over 20 minutes we decided to do our best to rig RED Bricks to the unit for optimum battery life. This unfortunately left us with a very heavy, cumbersome and unbalanced rig. The Movi is just barely ready for Epics and with adding additional cabling to monitor, follow focus and power, the rig’s small motors couldn’t accurately calibrate and counteract the forces. I can clearly see the potential of this system when used with the proper camera and configuration but I don’t feel that it has the flexibility needed for the professional world. The system allows for great flexibilty and creativity with shots but has huge room for operator fatigue as it is heavy and must be operated from arms distance. Lastly, for this project I pulled focus alongside Tucker with the Redrock Micro Remote. It was a great test of my distance judging which yielded prime results. After several days of use I think that my affordable follow focus of choice is still the digital Bartech. The design and implementation of Redrock’s follow focus falls short of my standards. There is a very small turn radius for the device which means every inch is critical and jittery. Additionally, the feedback and response from the device is decent but not as specific as the Bartech.