Stereoscopic Professional

Beam splitters and side by side stereoscopic rigs have cultivated the way 3D films are made. I am familiar with a variety of systems and techniques that will make me an asset to your stereoscopic team.

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Camera Assistant

It is often said that the camera department is one of the most overworked departments on set. I can handle the stressors and perform every task with professional speed and precision.


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There is nothing like working in a team environment except being the leader of a team. I have enjoyed many aspects of producing but often tend to budgets and cash flow.

Camera Assisting

I am a total tech head at heart and the camera department has become my home. From snapping a slate to pulling focus I can become a vital asset to your crew.


The world of 3D film making captured me in a college level course. I have since worked on several stereoscopic projects as both a rig technician and stereographer.


While I rarely operate, the techniques I learned in film school and on set have left me with the skills necessary to properly balance and troubleshoot Steadicam issues.

Everlasting Opportunity

There is a clear reason why film has become my passion over the past nine years. Film making contains an unparalleled level of spontaneity and exciting variables. With each new project the entire dynamic shifts. The story, the crew, the locations, the cast, the equipment and the budget all change. I knew from an early age that I wasn’t built to sit in an office or be locked down in any capacity. I am confident that set life and the camera department will continue to be an exciting career for many years to come.

  • Film School Progress 95%
  • Industry Experience Roster 65%

 Cross Trained

Familiar with a variety of systems and platforms ranging from film to digital to stereoscopic.

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